Sunday, January 9, 2011

-5 + 5 = 0

Prayer is an interesting thing.

Well, so is religion, actually.

As I've recently told my mother that I have a date set to marry Lina, I would imagine that she (and probably the rest of my family) have been in prayer to stop Satan's destructive hold on my life (actually, I did know that they've been doing that for a while), and most likely to subsequently end the wedding.

It baffles me that a) my family would be praying against me (regardless of their beliefs, couldn't they just pray that I make wise choices?), and b) that I know so many of my friends are praying for our relationship.

Do these prayers just get canceled out as they float toward heaven? I don't believe that God picks "sides," so to speak, but prior to this experience, I've never really thought about what happens when two different people pray for completely conflicting circumstances. Yet, it's happened all through history. (Godwin's law!)

And yes, I was raised in such a conservative/fundamentalist environment that I'm paranoid about a blizzard happening over the date we're supposed to be traveling to the wedding.

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  1. This reminded me of Twain's War Prayer (