Saturday, September 18, 2010


Work went very well yesterday.

A forty something man told me I looked like a model and asked me if I had a boyfriend (not in a creepy way, although, that has happened).  I said no (because I technically don't), and he seemed baffled.

"Now, I don't want you to think this is some black people and white people thing," he said (he's black).  "But black men are different from white men.  We see what we want and we go get it.  We don't waste our time.  White men just stand by."

He told me I was beautiful, then he left.

Then a group of high school teachers came in for happy hour, and they stayed for most of the evening.  The ladies were amazing, and either well or ill-timed.  I've been going on a recent of kick of wanting to be a teacher, and seeing them did not help.  Sitting around with tall drafts of Miller Lite, they all laughed and talked about a certain kid who got on all of their nerves.  They had a camaraderie that I admire and want for myself.

Today, however, was not as beneficial to my self-esteem.   Nothing too notable happened; it was just a day of extremes.  The day started out great, then no one came in (I opened).  For about 2 hours.  Then a lady left me less than 10 percent after telling me how much she enjoyed my company.  Then I got slammed by a half packed bar and the manager had to come out to help me.  Oh, the food industry.

So I came home and went to Michael's.  I plan to make a clock because I can't find the right one I want a thrift store.  

In other news, Lina ordered wifi for our apartment!  So, that means soon I won't have to sit at Starbucks for the internet.  Of which I am tired of now.  We may be visiting a church in the morning though, so, updates following.

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