Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Holding Hands

Today Lina and I went on a date. And it was nice. We went to Cheesecake Factory, walked around the mall a bit (because the restaurant is half in the mall), bought some mother's day's cards, spent way too much time walking around Babies 'R Us, got some groceries at Trader Joe's, and ended it with some ice cream. It isn't often that we go out and hit up five different places, and it was nice. Well, we actually ended up looking for this overlook that I sort of knew was around, and we ended up driving down a "No Outlet" road, found an outlet, but that outlet ended in a creepy dark single-lane tunnel that ended in rail road tracks. So we turned around and came home.

But it was so nice to just spend some time together. And for the first time, I let her hold my hand while we walked around the ritzy mall. We've held hands there before, but usually just in the parking lot. As we get closer to the mall, I always squeeze her hand, let go, and put my hands in my pockets. But not this time. I decided that if other people didn't want to see us holding hands, they could deal. And it was nice.

It was a long evening. By the time we needed to get some groceries, we didn't want to because we were still stuffed from dinner. We almost got lost in the creepy dark side street. But we spent time together, time exploring, time talking about our jobs and our future wants. And we spent a lot of time holdings hands.

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